Hotel Management Services

There are many critical components that go into running a successful property.

With Hegg Hospitality Management, you can expect a progressive approach to hospitality management and proven track record of success. Our team has years of experience and is uniquely equipped to help you achieve strong financial results.


Our team conducts ongoing operational reviews with the hotel management staff guided by industry benchmarks, our industry experience, and franchise brand standards. In addition, our hotel managers are given a performance-building platform of powerful tools and business delivery systems to help their property succeed in the long-term.


At Hegg Hospitality, we strive to create strong relationships with every business partner to ensure long-term shared success. We are a hands-on organization and because of our smaller size, we are able to customize our services and respond quickly to the needs of our properties and owners. All of our properties receive daily support from our corporate staff and regular involvement from our senior-level management team.

  • Asset Management
  • Financials & Accounting
  • Revenue Management
  • Human Resources
  • Facility Plant Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Pre-Opening Services
  • Restaurant & Conference

Services Detail

On a quarterly basis the CFO, Director of Sales, and VP of Operations meet with the general partners of your hotel to thoroughly review and analyze the financials and marketing plan. Major milestones and forecasting is reviewed in detail to make sure the team is accomplishing the financial goals established by the general partners.

This disciplined management approach provides the ownership with a clear picture of how each hotel is performing and where it can improve in order to maximize its return to the partnership.

Our systems are automated for efficiencies that provide real-time financial reporting. Centralized services for processing of accounts payable and other support services are activated at our corporate office in Sioux Falls, SD. Timely cash flow and financial statements are generated to our investors and clients.

We conduct monthly and quarterly financial analysis of each hotel’s performance against annual budgets. Daily reports and other systems are frequently reviewed for enhancement with the latest technology solutions.

To be the best, you need to recruit, hire and train the best. That’s why our experienced Human Resources team is always searching for ways to enhance our strong team of professionals. We focus on training initiatives to ensure our employees are ready for any challenge, while ensuring prompt and efficient problem resolution. We help each of our properties identify the best pool of candidates for various employment opportunities.

We also handle the coordination, support and administration of employee compensation and benefits, including health, dental, life, 401K, STD, LTD, vision, vacation, holiday, sick time, worker's compensation and worldwide hotel discounts. In addition, we manage employee payroll matters, including time card procedures, deductions, and reporting.

Although important, a hotel’s success is not measured by a beautiful building and impressive furnishings. A solid, profitable foundation is built through a commitment to operational success, strategic communication, solid branding, and an experienced passionate team.

Depending on the type and size of the hotel, pre-opening phase can last from 12 to 18 months. During this phase, Hegg Hospitality can assist with launch planning and scheduling, detailed business planning analysis, financial and IT systems set-up, establishing service standards, creating a sales and marketing plan, staff selection and training, development of various policies and procedures, and selecting and purchasing FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment).

Food production and food services are an integral part of any hotel operation – large or small. Strong restaurant management is critical to the overall financial success of the hotel. Hegg Hospitality provides a range of food and beverage services such as training, menu design, and programs to encourage sales and enrich the guest experience.

Our talented professionals are well-versed in concept development, kitchen design, cost containment, promotional programs, food preparation, wine and spirits, operation standards and service in restaurant management, banquets and catering formats.

Attention to detail and execution is a key to our success. At Hegg Hospitality, we are committed to delivering the best possible guest experience in presentation, service, food and beverage.

Hegg Hospitality has a depth of sales and marketing talent that provides support to our hotels. We believe that our revenue growth year-after-year is enriched by their expertise and dedication.

We strategically plan our revenue growth at each hotel during our annual planning session and the plan is measured regularly. Our goal is for every hotel to perform above plan every month with the support of the sales and marketing team.

We accomplish this goal with an efficient and targeted sales effort that relies on fostering long-lasting relationships with key clients, in addition to continually gaining new ones. Our services include franchise marketing, selection and implementation of advertising and collateral, developing annual business plans, public relations, direct sales, ecommerce and social media, revenue management, and timely reporting.